The Places Travel Guides Won’t Tell You About

A smiling, elderly woman reaches up into a tree to pluck coffee beans.

Originally posted on Travelista.

Part of the thriving country of Indonesia, the island of Bali stands proud as the global mecca for eating, praying, and loving. While half the visitors swill smoothies and do sunset yoga, the other half make the most of cheap beers and cigarettes. Whichever path you take, there will come a time in your holiday when you feel the urge to try something different; something off the beaten path.

You can do sun salutations anywhere in the world. Only in Bali can you meditate with bats or play mini-golf with a monkey. It’s an incredible place with a deep history, most of which you won’t see when sticking to the usual tourist traps. Below are some of the more unusual things the island has to offer: if you like hunting ghosts or chugging coffee, you’re in luck.

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